Is a multichannel service which an employee can contact immediately after feeling sick or unable to work, to receive the required  professional help quickly and conveniently. Aino HealthDesk is integrated into HealthManager providing the organisation with real time data and understanding on where to prioritize efforts.

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Overall value

Aino HealthDesk is a multichannel service which an employee can contact immediately after feeling sick or unable to work, to receive the required professional help quickly and conveniently. Through the HealthDesk you will receive:

  • Fast professional help
    • Employees receive fast help and consultation from qualified health care professionals
  • Guidance
    • Based on need, employee is guided to the right type of treatment whenneeded
  • Access
    • HealthDesk is always open and quality medical care is accessible anytime.
  • Follow up
    • Employees are never left alone. Care cases are followed up until employee has returned to work or handed over to right care.
  • Reduced cost
    • An affordable and effective alternative to health care visits
  • Back-end processes
    • HealthDesk is connected to managers, payroll systems and early intervention processes when needed through HealthManager.

Business case

For 20 years our customers have reduced sick leave and related cost within the first months and between 20-50% the first year. We are so sure of our results we can offer you the platform at no cost and sharing the savings instead of a licence model.


HealthDesk itself needs no implementation and can be set up in a week. The HealthManager API technology enables you to easily communicate and integrate with other software. Implementation and training takes only a few weeks minimizing time needed from HR and IT.

Additional support

Our experience is that implementing HealthDesk together with HealthManager enables your organisation to really work proactively and sustainable with health and workability. Should you have to chose, HealthManager is the platform reducing sick leave the most as it enforces the so important discussion between the manager and employee.

Zalaris recommendation for HealthDesk

The AinoHealth HealthDesk should be seen as an extended second line capability for Zalaris & AinoHealth joint clients to actually act on selected findings related to sick leave KPI drivers. AinoHealth natural access to eco-system expertise is a complement and/or alternative to clients own well being experts. HealthManager is the solution enabling HealthAudit services to make informed decisions faster leading to actions in partnership with these HealthDesk experts - or with clients own well being experts, if any. AinoHealth not only drive client longer term overall productivity, from a more engaged and retained workforce using people data Zalaris capture on behalf of client. Together we also scale to save lives in its extreme form before they even get to that stage, by simply acting earlier. The combined capability of client, Zalaris and AinoHealth is strong in sick-leave territory.