Entrust packaged solution for SuccessFactors HCM suite

Zalaris Entrust for SuccessFactors is a packaged approach that provides clients with a proven solution for core HR and Talent processes. Our rapid deployment approach lays the foundation for HR to effectively run the company better and paves the path towards digital transformation and change. With Zalaris, you get an end to end engagement model […]


Is a review of current health related processes, practices and instructions at your organization. By using actual data, by understanding of current IT environment and policies, Aino provides the organization with analysis and recommend actions as well as ROI estimations.

Virtual Recruitment Assistant

In a typical recruitment process, 100 people apply, one is selected, and 99 are left with nothing. It’s no wonder that so many candidates end up hating the company and never apply again. Only one wins. Why not everyone? We are changing this.

Our modern recruitment solution, Virtual Recruitment Assistant, ensures that your candidates are the centre of attention. With personalized communication, up to 70% of all your rejected candidates would recommend you to their social circles. All in all, we help you to efficiently hire the right talents while decreasing your hiring costs and time-to-hire.