Workforce planning

Entrust packaged solution for SuccessFactors HCM suite

Zalaris Entrust for SuccessFactors is a packaged approach that provides clients with a proven solution for core HR and Talent processes. Our rapid deployment approach lays the foundation for HR to effectively run the company better and paves the path towards digital transformation and change. With Zalaris, you get an end to end engagement model […]


Is a review of current health related processes, practices and instructions at your organization. By using actual data, by understanding of current IT environment and policies, Aino provides the organization with analysis and recommend actions as well as ROI estimations.


Is a multichannel service which an employee can contact immediately after feeling sick or unable to work, to receive the required  professional help quickly and conveniently. Aino HealthDesk is integrated into HealthManager providing the organisation with real time data and understanding on where to prioritize efforts.


Data-driven health management solution. Securing value based leadership, leading to substantial cost savings and productivity increase. – Driving business as a force for good.


Our software-as-a-service makes all your peoples’ skills, interests and availabilities visible. You will accelerate your project planning processes by quickly identifying the right people for project teams and assignments. Based on structured data that we create about every employee or freelancer who works with you, your organization can increase overall utilization, connect knowledge carriers, develop potential, raise staff motivation and decrease churn. Your clients will be delighted by your gain in momentum and better result.


ProMark is a specialised Workforce Management solution with 4 main functionality areas; Time and Attendance, Absence, Task Management and Employee Scheduling.